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Customise your PawBakes Treats this Easter!

If you're looking to treat your dog this Easter, then look no further! From 'chocolate' dipped biscuits to carrot topped cupcakes, we've got it covered!

We get lots of messages asking us how we customise the treats we make when using our doggie baking kits, so we have put together our top tips and tricks for perfect, yet simple homemade doggie Easter treats!

Let's start with our Biscuit Baking Kit. One of the most simple ways to customise your Easter biccies is by using an Easter themed cookie cutter. You can pick these up fairly cheap in shops and online, and they are great to have in the cupboard. We have chosen the Easter Bunny as our Easter shape, but you could also make chicks or eggs! Just follow the instructions on the back of your PawBakes kit as normal, then use your Easter themed cutters along with your bone-shaped one to cut out your biccies.

Once they have baked and cooled, you can then decorate them with doggie safe 'chocolate' - after all it is Easter! It's important to only use 'chocolate' that is made specially for dogs! Human chocolate contains a chemical called 'theobromine', which is toxic to dogs and can be extremely harmful (read more).

Melt the choc-drops by placing them in a bowl over a pan of simmering water - stirring occasionally. You can also add a few drops of vegetable oil if it's a little thick. For some of our bones, we dipped one end of the biscuit into the choc-icing so that it was lightly covered! We also dipped the ears of the bunnies too! There are lots of ideas you can try - for egg shaped biscuits, why not decorate them with dots and patterns?

If you're baking your biscuits as a gift, you could use some yellow ribbon to tie some of the biscuits together with a cute bow or put them in a little gift box! An Easter basket is also a really lovely way to store them.

Next up we have our Cupcake Baking Kit... Our favourite way to customise doggie cupcakes for Easter is to add an Easter themed topping - we have chosen grated carrot! After icing our cupcakes, we placed a small amount of the grated carrot on top of the cakes to create little nests! You can add any small Easter treats to the top of your cakes. Remember to never top them with dried fruits such as currants, sultanas or raisins which are all toxic to dogs.

We can't wait to see how you ‘Easterfy’ your PawBakes Bakies! Please do share them with us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook using the #PawBakes. Wishing you a fabulous, treat filled Easter! x

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